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    I have been photographing East Texas residents and the surrounding states since 2009, and love every second of it. As a wife and mother myself, I fully recognize the desire to capture not just family portraits, but real life and the joy within each new journey. From the joys of weddings and individuals finding their soul mate or running around vicariously with little ones as they discover the outdoors, those seniors getting ready to spread their wings, to fresh newborns leaving me marveled over the miracle that is new life each and every time.

    Iā€™m passionate about my work and about helping others find the same joy at the same time; offering Shine Your Light mentoring to individuals who want to pursue their career in photography. I can whole heartedly say every part of my job feels like a blessing because I get to do what I love.

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Many have asked about Bella’s Summer hair color so here you go…

For multiple years she requests her hair color each Summer when school is out! We’ve tried them all (with caution) seriously so here’s our top favorites that last long enough but, still comes out within a weeks worth of washing! Definitely not a professional job and NO professional for advice but, for a little kid friendly Summer fun it’s worked for us!

TIP** We never leave it in longer than 10/15 minutes to be safe! Most directions say to apply and let sit for 30 minutes but, 1/2 that time is just enough for what we want!

Punky Colour is our favorite and comes in a variety of colors.
Sparks is our second favorite but, we don’t use anything in the box but the color.

Old Towel
Applicator brush
Gloves (will stain clothes and hands)

Paint on hair
Let sit for 10/15 minutes
Wash and condition good
Blow dry



A few months ago on Easter Sunday, I passed my dream giving key to Bella. As I placed it around her neck, explaining the meaning and purpose of what you do with the key, she began telling me that one of her dreams had already come true with her pet sitting business. We didn’t discuss much more other than to hold on to the key until she gets a bit older because God places dreams in our hearts to dream that are sometimes bigger than what we see today. A big dream or dreams to believe in as He guides us through life.

Skipping forward to today.

12 weeks of Summer bible verse for week two. DREAM proverbs 16:3 “Commit to The Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans.” Each day we discuss the word and do projects and activities focused towards that word throughout the week. As her Mother I can watch her and know what she truly loves. Actually if you don’t know her and watched her for a day it would be just as obvious. She’s a very strong willed, independent kind of child. You cannot force her to do anything she doesn’t want to. You get what you get kind of girl. It doesn’t make our raising her easy (actually pretty hard šŸ˜œ) but, what I do know if she wants to chase a dream she will chase it because she knows what she wants. We’ve taken circumstances throughout the week in explaining different aspects of dreams and how sometimes God changes our paths a little, that dreams DO TAKE HARD WORK, dedication and prayer. Most times there is dissapointments in the process of reaching our dreams and even thereafter but you never give up. He often even takes us down a longer path than we might imagine to reach those dreams; because His ways are higher than our own. BUT, in the END… if we put our full faith in Him and focus on where He is leading us we look back and know that everything works out just as He intends. Her dreams may change a few times by the time she’s grown, God will lead her down the path He intends for her future but, my teachings will always be to her (and her brother) to #create your #dreams and DREAM BIG with Him because whatever she loves she truly works at it with all her heart. Colossians 3:23

TODAY, take your dreams and never stop believing! Don’t just sit and expect them to fall in your lap! Work towards that dream with your whole heart! If you don’t have a dream? Dream a dream and give yourself something to work towards as He leads you.

So many things she dreams of wrapped up in one with her pet sitting business on the side!

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