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    I have been photographing East Texas residents and the surrounding states since 2009, and love every second of it. As a wife and mother myself, I fully recognize the desire to capture not just family portraits, but real life and the joy within each new journey. From the joys of weddings and individuals finding their soul mate or running around vicariously with little ones as they discover the outdoors, those seniors getting ready to spread their wings, to fresh newborns leaving me marveled over the miracle that is new life each and every time.

    I’m passionate about my work and about helping others find the same joy at the same time; offering Shine Your Light mentoring to individuals who want to pursue their career in photography. I can whole heartedly say every part of my job feels like a blessing because I get to do what I love.

    That being said... We're THRILLED to introduce our NEW ADDITIONS and Updated blog!! Check out the links ABOVE! THE TRAVELING STUDIOS and SHOP SIMPLICITY and don't forget to tag along as the love for blogging is finally back in action!

12 Weeks of Summer

We’re all so excited to have the next 12 weeks for Summer!! Being able to spend the days with my two little people is one of the greatest things! Before school was out Bella and I discussed some fun projects to do together for the Summer to keep them busy! We came up with our top 12 words (one for each week) to research and pour our hearts into. Each word we chose a bible verse or two to go along with that weeks word to memorize. We will do activities each week focusing on that specific word and verse!

Also, we’ve got lots of blogging to do together this Summer! If you follow us on Instagram you should be aware of her love for changing clothes a million times a day for fun since she could dress herself! When she started school, uniforms became her daily routine so as Summers roll around she is thrilled to express herself with her small little fashions. Some “crazy, silly” but most realistic. Keep close for more weeks of Summer projects, kid fashion and our favorite summer musts.

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Happy Summer!!!



Well guys I really don’t know where to start other than it feels SO SUPER GOOD to be able to blog again and have puzzle pieces fitting into place!  I always picture in my head a huge puzzle of my life and I can see the pieces sliding to place but, there is no greater feeling to see corners and edges matching up and fitting together to create a section.  A small portion and picture of my life is being shared today but, some major pieces!

The social media aspect of the world tends to take some of what I believe is the “better” things in life away.  My blog has forever had a special place in my heart… my love for writing and documenting all things in life is what makes a big piece of my heart thrive!  Don’t get me wrong I love instagram and most parts of Facebook but, I LOVE free writing and having a place to express my thoughts and pieces of life lessons!  Sharing things that may give someone a sense of HOPE, simple real life situations, to things that may just be a gentle reminder (Lord knows I need reminders) to live our best no matter what season we are in!  If I was to share with you all what I wanted it would seriously take a week and I can’t seem to fathom crunching my last few years in one blog post (don’t worry I tried)!  Overtime, I will continue to share bits and pieces of life as is, how some dreams have come to play, some “suffering”, some goodness, some ugly days, BUT SO MUCH JOY and all because of what He has done and continues to do within my life!  I have written before on how it’s in His timing as we all know this to be true and best.  I as a human, am a “bit” of an organized human (don’t ask my husband) ;), and can be known to have a hard time with His timing!  Matthew 6:34 was always hard for me because I tend to always be the planner. The one that wants to plan things far in advance. If you ask me now my main “motto” is one day at a time! He taught me so much in one small scripture and i’ve seen how first hand when we do not worry about tomorrow but, live for that day, in that moment there’s never any need to worry! It really does add days to your life when we try and control His master plan. He takes care of every little detail as He sees fit for our lives! Over the last two/three/even five years He has drawn me closer to Him through life circumstances that I knew He had to be up to something GOOD and wanted to teach me even more on giving EVERYTHING to him!  There’s been days that I didn’t see the light, days that I would scream out LORD, I AM STRONG enough, what do you want from me! There was a time in life I HATED change; I was comfortable right were I was!  Today, change gives me anticipation and a challenge! I dream of new things to do because I never want to be complacent in life!  I was complacent (just doing the motions of daily life) for so long.  I was living life for Him but with regulations (not good) bc I didn’t release every piece of my life so easily to Him; I didn’t want Him to change what I had planned. His challenges slowly changed me in many ways and continues to do so daily!  To be honest, some days I may not meet the challenges quiet like He intends for me to but, the TRUTH and a little bit of hard headedness pushes me to never give up! I know that no matter what happens in life; HE has my best interest! He doesn’t change things in our lives to harm us but, to help us trust Him; to draw us closer and closer and make us stronger.  When we release those dreams, fears, worries, sickness or whatever you may be dealing with to Him the process is much more enjoyable and easy flowing! SO if you’re waiting on an answer from God today and anxious about something… rest in His presence; being content with His plans and love always brings out the best in us and reminds us that with HIM we have EVERYTHING! It doesn’t mean it’s always easy but, finding that JOY in waiting is SO important!

Which leads me to today… a dream He started stirring in my heart almost three years ago!  I don’t know what He will do with it!  I don’t care, all I know is I am excited!  My mind craves originality!  I LOVE photography but, I also wanted something different to add to the world and business!  Something to change things up a little, to build on to my dreams and combined family dreams!  Something that you don’t see every time you turn the corner!  Something that I can get creative with and design my own work and sets along with my sisters and family!  Something that’s one of a kind!  If you remember a year or so ago I launched!  A website where I design/produce my own backdrops and sell to whomever!  This dream was mainly created to lead up to this dream!  It was created to help lead us to that final piece of this particular puzzle which “I thought” was to come shortly after I launched it! God, He had other plans and my human nature was trying to rush it!  The website took a back seat for a while as well as “my” dreams.

During that time in waiting… my family had some ups and downs and what seemed to be so close to being finished came to a halt!  Today, as I look back I am understanding exactly His beautiful timing and as it slowly produces blooms my excitement arises!  In order to make this short, I am leaving so many happenings, so many GREAT stories in between out!  Things that I will love and look forward to sharing along the way as the Good Lord leads me!

For now… since so many of you are thinking i’m pregnant.  I’m not but, meet out newest edition to the business THE TRAVELING STUDIO and while you’re at it take a look around the new and improved blog!  She may not look like the baby you were expecting but, i’m telling you the getting here was not always a breeze and definitely worth the sweat and tears in delivery!

DON’T WORRY!  YES!!!  We are still currently doing what we love, family sessions, children, maternity, newborn (done a bit different now), seniors and WILL ALWAYS CONTINUE TO DO THESE SESSIONS!  We’re just EXPANDING DREAMS!  Venturing out and adding on!

THANK you to SO many people who have helped this come to life.. listened to all my scheming and thoughts!  To my clients/friends that are so loyal to my work and believe in me!  To my children for inspiring me daily!  My husband who always believes in me and just goes with it and lastly but, most importantly…  My God!  The one that has laid my dreams out from day one always guiding me the right direction even when I cannot see or want things differently in the moment!  We’ve got big plans and I look forward to sharing as we travel this journey!

Also, a BIG THANK YOU @gathered_tx for the cake plate set and all rentals as well as @lapeonyevents for creating exactly what I had envisioned for The Traveling Studios birthday shoot bouquet!  It was a great celebration and a day to remember forever!

Now that we’re here, the Simplicity site will be able to resume SOON and be prepared for stories in how we got here!  Again, welcome…. take a look around, visit our link above to understand a bit more of what this new adventure entails, contact us with any questions or to be the first few to book with THE TRAVELING STUDIO!

Much love and always remember to dream BIG with Him!  He may change your plan but, the master plan is always the most beautiful finished!  Spread YOUR wings!  DON’T be afraid to fall; He will help you back to your feet!  If you don’t you’ll never learn to fly!

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10

XX-Courtney Wilson Photography + Lifestyle



I tell you… time doesn’t EVER slow down! Wasn’t it yesterday I was posting to the blog about our Baby Beckham’s arrival? The past year has been unexplainable… the love I have for this boy is out of this world! I know everyone faces that question… can I love another child as much as the other? Then, God steps in, produces His gifts and just like that you fall in love all over again just as you did the first time! Pretty amazing feeling! We are so blessed to have a baby boy and his Super, Big Sister! It’s been awesome to say the least this past year and we look forward to watching our tiny humans grow each year! If you are an instagram(er) and follow us or sometimes even our private Facebook you may know that once Beckham started finally eating it had to be fresh, homemade and warm (spoiled rotten)! Anything store bought and pre made he wasn’t having it. To this day he is STILL the same! Occasionally he will eat an Organic Plum squeezable but, if not we eat A LOT of avocados and fruit around here! Ha! That being said it is the reasoning behind his Fresh Market First Birthday Party! Funny thing, we have had this stand for 2 years! I can remember posting it to my instagram getting ready for sessions with it and well two years later I got around to using it! Super happy with how I envisioned it and one of my awesome Brother in laws and Sister completed my vision and made this stand for Bella Photography! Thank you to everyone that has been a part of Beckham’s first year! He’s such a lucky little guy! Y’all are the best!

Beckham, one day, when you read this please know… we are complete! You have made our family COMPLETE! I had absolutely NO idea, NONE, that I could love a baby boy of my own SO darn much! My heart grew even more the day you were born and will NEVER be the same! You’re a little toot, constantly calling for your DaDa and Bellllla but, a HUGE Mamas boy and I wouldn’t have it any other way! You adore your Sister and some days I feel as if I have completed 10 marathons once I lay down at night! Your smile is super contagious and lights up our lives daily! You’re basically JUST like your 6 year old Sister but, ALL OUT BOY! I thank The Lord for blessing us with such a perfect little boy! WE LOVE YOU, HAPPY FIRST YEAR Beckham Kenner!

FOR ALL THE PARTY DETAILS (cookies, stand info, cake, decor, etc.) CHECK US OUT ON INSTAGRAM!!! @bellaphotography_sylmentoring

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Be safe everyone!

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